The Selfish Wish

The Selfish Wish by M.V. Joseph

Julian captures a magical horseshoe and is assigned by the Leprechaun Council the responsibility of granting a selfish wish to six strangers. The last wish, the seventh wish, must be his selfish wish. Not only must he choose who receives the wishes, he must also keep the golden horseshoe away from the evil trolls. Join Julian and his leprechaun companion, Lawrence, as they travel from coast to coast to fulfill the all the wishes.


The Seventh Wish
Reviews of The Selfish Wish

“I felt like I was a character IN the book as I was reading it and what an adventure! I loved the golden glow-y twinkly parts when Julian and Lawrence would ZAP to the next place. I could SEE them and they were beautiful! I also loved that a lot of the book takes place in my hometown, Las Vegas, NV. I love Las Vegas and including it in the book was awesome. Oh and thank you for having a character named Lilly, even though her name was spelled different from mine.”
~Lily Kennedy, age 10

“Extremely well-written for the ages of target audience – Ms. Joseph really seems to grasp what young readers are interested in and HOLD their interest from beginning to end. The moral lessons and the realizations that the characters were carefully lead to were a joy to see in what will hopefully become a future classic piece of literature.”
~Jessica Kennedy, Lily’s Mom

“The Seventh Wish was an amazing book. I would tell everyone to read this book and I would even read it again. The Seventh Wish made me scratch my head about what would happen next – like when they used the golden horseshoe to transform a homeless man into a rich man. Thank you for letting me read this book.”
~ Will Diaz, age 12